Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is at the core of what we do.

It’s a powerful tool to help you be more proactive in understanding what your typical guest goes through when they interact with your brand.

All-Inclusive Assessment

This assessment is exactly as the name implies: all inclusive. We assess the entire guest experience right from the first touch point until the final farewell.

Based on an agreed upon frequency, we will send targeted mystery assessors to your venue anonymously to go through all aspects of the experience as a typical guest would.

First Impression Assessment

This assessment is designed to audit the reservations experience, a critical touch point that defines your first impression on any guest.

Based on an agreed upon frequency, we will anonymously assess the reservations experience using any relevant channel, including the call center, website and social media.

Home Delivery Assessment

This service assesses the entire guest journey during a home delivery experience, from the point of ordering to the delivery itself.

Based on an agreed upon frequency, our mystery assessors will place an order for delivery using a channel(s) that is relevant to you, assessing key criteria such as ease of use, timing, accuracy and food arrival.

Mystery Assessors in our database
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We understand that operations can be demanding and finding the time and/or resources to implement a proper guest experience program can be tough.

That’s why we’re here, so let us help!

We can work with you on various projects and initiatives as and when your business requires, making sure you have the right information, processes and systems in place to continuously improve your guest experience.

Some things we can help you with are:

  • Checked

    Competitor research

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    Pre-opening setup

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    Improvement action plans

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    CX insights and reporting

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    Coaching and support

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Guest Experience Training

Training is an important part of any guest experience program and it's something we love to do.  

All of our guest experience training programs are curated in-house and customized to suit the specific needs of our clients. All programs can be flexible in terms of content, target audiences and delivery time.

Our most popular 3-part training series is designed to complement your mystery shopping program:

Part 1

Zooming in on Service Basics

A classic back-to-basics module with a twist. The aim is to lay the foundation for a great guest experience by focusing on service fundamentals, with an added focus on intuitive service that is relevant to today’s spender.

Part 2

Zooming in on Emotional Engagement

Focusing on the emotional side of the customer experience, an important element that is key in driving loyalty, the aim is to build practical skills to drive engagement by finding ways to connect with guests through conversation and creating those memorable moments.

Part 3

Zooming in on Upselling

This program focuses on a core skill area of any successful hospitality professional: the ability to make natural suggestions, recommendations and upsells. Not only is this essential in driving revenue, but it’s also a major contributing factor in ensuring guests have the best possible experience.

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